The Buffalo Irish Festival

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Tir na nÓg

Lots of fun for the kids and he whole family  at the Buffalo Irish Festival, Activities and learning experiences for the kids all weekend long in Tìr na nÓg the land of youth!


Schedule 2023


6:00 Game of Thrones

7:00 Pirates - Beyond Sea Shanties

8:00 Samhain


12:00 Irish Flag Origin

1:00 Introduction to Gaelic

2:00 Fairies - Home in Ireland

4:00 Irish Craft Time

6:00 Astronomy and the Druids

7:00 Faeries, the Banshee, and the Sidhe


11:30 St. Brigid's Cross

12:30 Lamb to Yarn and Textiles

1:30 Art of the Kells

2:30 Pirates and Faeries

3:30 Singing with the Celtic Angels

4:30 Closing Story